Just a quick update for all of you that were affected by the comments bug on our site the last few days. In addition to fixing the bug we have now restored all comments that were mass removed. Again, our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience and aggravation this caused many of you. If you any questions, issues or just want to rant (we deserve it), please don't hesitate to contact us.

sheepishly yours,


The YouTube Team

It recently came to our attention that there was a bug in our comment
code that allowed users to delete comments from videos which were not
their own. Unfortunately, by the time we became aware of the issue
several users exploited the bug to maliciously delete thousands of
comments from other users videos. We have since fixed the bug and are
actively working to restore all the comments that were removed.

To all of our users who had their comments deleted, please accept our
most humble apologies. There is absolutely no excuse for what
happened, it was a bug in our code - and one we should have caught.
We can only say that we are feverishly working to restore your
comments and we'll do everything we possibly can to make sure
something like this does not happen again.

To all of our users who have been abusing comments with flagrant
spamming, hate speech and other malicious activities - this behavior
will simply not be tolerated on our site. If you engage in such
activity be forewarned your account will be deleted and you will be
permanently banned without warning.

YouTube is a place for everyone to express themselves. It is meant to
be a creative, entertaining and democratic environment. Let's not
allow a few bad apples spoil the bunch.


The YouTube Team

Last night we pushed out a bunch of new features, and apparently tricked the online world into thinking we were hacked with our down page message. Sorry if we scared you, we often forget how closely everyone is watching our little 32 person company. So bad spelling and jokes aside, here are the new features we pushed out last night.


We think our users provide some of the most entertaining content in the world, and we're working to continuously develop new and exciting ways for you to broadcast yourself. What better way to do that than to give every user the ability to become their own channel? Now all content creators and collectors, be it professional filmmakers, videobloggers or just people who love chihuahuas can broadcast videos from their channel for all the world to see. You can visit our Channels tab to check out YouTube's most subscribed channels, or simply go to your profile to start creating and customizing your own channel. Here are just some of the new features included in channels:

  • Color customization: make your channel look as cool or as ugly as you like.

  • Video Log: showcase and discuss videos (yours or others) on your Channel

  • Channels I'm watching: check out what channels other users are subscribed and find great new content

  • Blog It:

    You can now post videos directly to Blogger, BlogSpot and LiveJournal (and we'll be adding support for more blogs soon). Once you set up your blog options, just click the 'blog it' button when watching any video - and voila! your blog entry is created.

    Viewing History

    Many of our users have been asking for this feature, so we've created a viewing history log of the last 100 videos you've watched. We absolutely respect your privacy and do not store any of this information on our servers. You can also clear your viewing history at any time by clicking the 'clear viewing history' at the bottom of the page.

    That's all for now, but check back often - we've got a bunch more features coming out very soon! And remember to send me an email with your thoughts, feedback and any other new features you'd like to see.

    With Love,


    The YouTube Team