The YouTube team was up until the wee hours last night rolling out some key changes and enhancements to the site. Read on for more details (video summaries coming soon to this blog and the YouTube Channel).

**Video added 1/29**

MESSAGING IS BACK IN BUSINESS: Messaging should really truly be fixed now, including messages that contain e-mail addresses and URLs. Thanks for your patience as we worked out kinks related to an over-enthusiastic spam filter.

GOOGLE SEARCH!: Thanks to, ahem, a certain parent company, our search is now vastly improved so it should be even easier to find your favorite sleeping kitty video exactly when you want to show it to grandma. Moreover, YouTube videos are now indexed on Google Video Search, which means more potential viewers for your videos!

B-B-B-LOCK THA HATERS: Stopping the haters in their tracks is now easier than ever. Not only is there the “Block User” feature on each person’s Channel page, but now you can instantly zap anyone you like by using the new "Block User" feature next to each comment on your video.

CHANNELS ARE EVEN MORE CUSTOMIZABLE: Don’t want to show folks who your subscribers are? Would rather not have Favorites display on you page so your own videos can get all the glory? Now you can turn modules on or off by going into the “Channel Design” area under “My Account” and choosing to show or hide various boxes. You can also select one video to display at the top of your page (go into “Channel Info” to do this).

VIEW VIDEOS THAT HAVE THE MOST RESPONSES: Under the Video browse tab, there’s a new page showing videos that have the most responses. Go to the Most Responded >> All Time to see a great set of videos that have inspired other users to post their own clips.

NEW AND IMPROVED HELP CENTER: The contents of the Help Center have tripled and it’s hopefully easier to read and navigate. Plus now you can search within the Help Center, see the Top 5 questions most asked by users, and let us know whether the information was helpful or not.

MORE ROOM FOR YOUR FEATURED VIDEOS: The categories page got a facelift and now shows two featured videos for each topic. But then, when you click through, brace yourself: we’ve got room for – count ’em – 20 featured videos within each section. More space for your incredible work! Sadia, whom you'll meet soon, is the editor in charge of this area, so write to her with feature requests.

MEET THE GURUS: There’s a new type of Channel for people who create “how to” videos for fitness, cooking, video production, guitar playing and more. So if you’ve got a special skill, sign up for your Guru account now!

POST TO DIGG, DELICIOUS, FURL AND MORE: If you click on "Post Video" under a video, you will see a row of icons that lets you quickly post the video to these neat-o bookmarking services.

Now you see why our engineers are still sleeping?!



The YouTube Team

In an effort to keep users more informed on current bugs, fixes, and quirky site issues, we've launched the new YouTube Known Issues Page.

When possible, we'll also tell you about temporary workarounds that can solve the problem until our engineers have fixed it completely. If you find something on the site that doesn't seem to be working quite right, come here to find out if we've already addressed the issue. If one of the issues matches a problem you've experienced, please let us know by clicking "This is my issue!" That'll help us understand which problems are affecting the most people so we can get to them as quickly as possible.

You can find the Known Issues link in the right column of most pages in the Help Center.

We'll update the Known Issues page often. Please note that if there's a more widespread problem (like the homepage disappearing!), you can go to the Help Center homepage where we'll broadcast the issue in a bright red box we call the Status Module. You can review past Status Module posts here.

Keepin' it real,

The YouTube Team

People always wonder how videos are chosen for the homepage and as part of our effort to improve communication with you, I thought it was time to introduce you to some of our editors and give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes here at YouTube. First up is Big Joe Smith -- everyone say, "Hi Joe!" -- who made this video for you and then outlined a typical week on homepage duty (including some extra video goodies). Let us know if you like this kind of stuff and we'll make it a regular feature. I'm even charging up the battery on my own video camera and getting out the rouge and mascara... -- Mia


and you shall receive.  A while back we got a request from a
user to feature color=black>picniccasket's
href="" target="_blank">color=black>Monument Valley
I was quite impressed with the energy in the video and the fact that it was a
solo project, so it had to go on home.  Rock on, my man, rock on.color=navy>

was color=black>Mac World
week and this color=black>spoof of "The
Special Christmas Box" by target="_blank">RandiandJen
couldn't have come at a better time.  Mac love runs deep here in w:st="on">Silicon Valley and these ladies figured out how to steal
back some of that affection and shared their secret with us.color=navy>


href="" target="_blank">style='color:windowtext'>Triponic taught us how to make our
own color=black>steam room

inexpensively.  The video was set to great music and made his idea
seem all the more inviting… I got to make me one of those things -- have any of
you tried it yet?

about cuteness, color=black>The Cuppycake Song

has been a classic in many homes for many years and finally credit can be given
where it is due thanks to the target="_blank">sonoman
posting the original material to YouTube.  Make sure to check out
the color=black>bloopers for even
more adorableness.

href="" target="_blank">color=black>Big Dancing, Small Town…I
have to commend target="_blank">QuadMagicalNESS
for their hard work. We received this video via email from a user and I'm
pretty sure it hit the homepage the next day. My favorite scene is a toss-up between when they are dancing on top of the Goodwill building and when they are dancing on the billboards. Excellent way to turn your small town
boredom into something unique, productive and well…big. Nice job, guys.color=navy>


the hills of Matheran came a video chock-full of sincerity and love. Congratulations David and target="_blank">Susie
on your color=black>engagement
Check out this href="" target="_blank">color=black>video response
after seeing the original video -- href="" target="_blank">color=black>even Susie liked it!

also like to feature videos that encourage community interaction. href="" target="_blank">style='color:windowtext'>Zakgeorge21
's latest href="" target="_blank">color=black>video
just. If you haven't submitted your video response yet, please do because we're watching!  In the meantime, here's a color=black>great response to
his video from target="_blank">NicholasPickolas.color=navy>

style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial'>Thurs 1/11color=navy>

ears were sent tingling by the playing of href="" target="_blank">style='color:windowtext'>DukeRightious
when we heard his
"color=black>C minor Etude
This original composition evoked emotion and was a perfect way to start the
day.  Duke actually emailed us himself to nominate his video
and when I reviewed it, I knew it had to find its place on the homepage. He's got some other
great material as well; I'd recommend checking out his short version of href="" target="_blank">color=black>"Things".

about talented: the eight-year-old target="_blank">Puehse twins
could show a lot of veterans a thing or two about skating.  href="" target="_blank">color=black>Check out the air

these kids can get off the ramp.


I happened to stumble on the target="_blank">World Freehand
Circle Drawing
Champion, it was already gaining some traction
on the site, but I felt it deserved even wider exposure.  A lot of users said that it's easy to draw a perfect circle, but I encourage you to try it. I did and well…let's just say I'll leave the perfect circle making to the pros.


href="" target="_blank">style='color:windowtext'>Nalts gave us insight into the world
of a color=black>Viral Video Genius

Special thanks go out to Nalts for deciding to be nice from now onsize=2 face=Wingdings>.size=2 face=Arial> .color=navy>


we know most of you are qualified to have a Bachelors Degree in YouTubery (here
I go making up words) but target="_blank">The YouTube
Guided Tour
by target="_blank">JackDanyells
is very informative.  What's even better is that if you watch the video
response by color=black>Therapix
, you can
learn how to make your own target="_blank">green screen.color=navy>

href="" target="_blank">color=black>BaratsandBaretta…pretty
much 'nuff said.  These guys are legends and have been bringing us viral
classics for quite sometime.  href="" target="_blank">color=black>The Other Son is a
funny venture into the life of Jesus' other brother Wesley.  Make sure you check
out href=""
target="_blank">their other'color:navy'>


great thing about a holiday like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is that it not only inspires progressive thought but also (hopefully) progressive action (hint hint… make your video response,
like this color=black>one
).  color=black>Daniel Stringer
brought a strong target="_blank">message
to YouTube. What's your dream?

is a great story behind target="_blank">Drawing
contacted our video target="_blank">Czarina
about his channel.  It was
a simple message that said he felt his channel could make a lot of YouTube users happy.  When Mia checked it out, she was in awe and asked Marco to make a compilation video for a possible feature.  This all happened yesterday within about three hours (despite the Brazil-San Francisco time difference) and the video made it to the homepage the same day.

Keep on Tubin',

href="" target="_blank">style='color:windowtext'>Big Joecolor=navy>

The YouTube Team

Hello! Wanted to update you on some progress this week:

• We know there were some major things wrong with commenting and private messaging. Our engineers looked into it and discovered an over-enthusiastic spam filter. (There are people with racks of machines sending out spam and the filter helps to cut down on the junk that gets through.) Anyway, things should be working smoothly again in messaging land, but please let us know if you continue to encounter problems. **UPDATE (1/12): Messages that contain URLs and email addresses are still problematic. We're testing a new spam filter to see how well it catches spam that includes URLs. Based on that performance, we will lift the URL restriction.**

• Many of you have pointed out that we should be vlogging more ourselves, including site updates like this. I’m terribly camera shy, but we’ve asked a high-profile and well-connected member of the YouTube community, Damien Estreich, to help broadcast these messages (in addition to the ones we produce ourselves). He’s working on his first one as we speak.

• Of course you can expect to hear from (and see) the YouTube staff more often too. Every month we’ll be asking you a thought-provoking question which we’ll introduce by answering ourselves. The first will revolve around Valentine’s Day, so get ready to film some lovey-dovey (or not!) video responses. We'll be asking you to tell us about the person or thing you love the most in this world.

• Finally, we’re opening up the programming of our home page to guest editors. We’ll pick one user a month to take over for a few days. All you’ll have to do is send us 10 videos you’d like to place on home (make sure they adhere to the terms of service!) along with a short video about why you chose what you did and how you found the experience. If you’re interested in participating, please let me know.

Well, that’s it for now. Keep on letting us know how we can improve things.



The YouTube Team

Now that our hangovers have worn off and we’ve picked all the confetti out of our hair, it’s time to get down to business. We’ve got big plans for 2007, and while we can’t reveal all the details of our quest, we did want to let you get a whiff of what’s cooking.

First and foremost, we heard you loud and clear when you told us you don’t necessarily want more features added to the site, you just want the current features to be working well. High on our list of priorities is ensuring that private messages work the way you expect them to and it doesn’t take eons to reply to one.

We’re also aware of how frustrating it can be when you have a question or an issue and you get stuck in automated reply hell. We’re going to strengthen communication internally so that your biggest concerns are heard by the people who can fix them. And then we’re going to improve how we communicate with you – if we don’t address your issue via a personal email response, you can check this blog for more frequent general updates.

In short, we want you to know that we’re listening to you and doing our best to give you a site that you find as essential as oxygen. We’ll be tapping power users to help guide us along the way (more on that later), and we’ll be launching new programming initiatives that will encourage you to speak your minds, to show your limitless creativity, to reach out to us and to each other. I can't wait.

Be back soon,


The YouTube Team

Wow. What a year 2006 was, eh? For us at YouTube, it exceeded our wildest dreams. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the year would end with a Time magazine cover that celebrated exactly why the site is so successful: you! We got to know you through your videos (what else!) and some of them stayed with us all yearlong.

Because I love lists and firmly believe that no year is complete without reflecting on (and savoring) those moments of pure delight, I took an informal poll among YouTube staffers to find out which videos were their favorites in 2006. Here are the highly subjective results, in no particular order, in general and music flavors.

Best of 2006

Best of 2006 – Music Edition

So what were your favorite YouTube videos of 2006? Send us your playlists and we'll feature a few here, and then start collecting your votes for 2007!

Happily hangover free,


The YouTube Team