Starting today, Colombians will have a localized YouTube to show the world their creativity, talent, and ingenuity. Colombia follows Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico as the fourth Latin American country to launch a YouTube domain ( With a local version of YouTube, Colombians will now be able to more easily discover content and share local talent from within their country.

The advent of YouTube Colombia also has economic implications, especially for users who create videos that people share frequently. Users with the most watched or popular videos may apply to be part of YouTube's partner program, which already provides economic benefits to more than 20,000 members worldwide.

We hope that YouTube will allow Colombians to see and share their world through video. There have already been many shining examples, such as Esteman, who found YouTube a great worldwide place to have his musical hit, or math teacher “JulioProfe” who holds more than 17 million views of his math classes around the globe.

See you, and Colombia, on the web!

Susana Pabon, Communication Manager for Google in Colombia, recently watched “Fonseca - Te Mando Flores."

Tomorrow, at 10 a.m. EST, President Obama, past Presidents Clinton and Bush, Bono, Alicia Keys and others will speak at a special World AIDS Day event, hosted by the ONE Campaign and (RED) - and they’ll be answering the questions you submitted on YouTube.

The full event will be live-streamed on the ONE Campaign YouTube channel, giving you access to a conversation with some of the most influential leaders in the world about the beginning of the end of AIDS. Since we announced the event last week, several other distinguished guests have confirmed their participation, including:

Tune in tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET to see how global AIDS advocates are tackling this difficult subject, and how they’ll tackle the questions you asked.

Ramya Raghavan, News and Politics Manager, recently watched, “Fighting for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015”.

Video can transcend language and cultural barriers. It can showcase real human moments all across the globe, even the silly ones. Take the video of the talking twin babies. That video was shot in Brooklyn, and has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the U.S. 5% of its views came from Brazil, another 5% from Russia. Turns out, 1 out of 100 people in the Philippines watched these two babies from New York. One of the great joys of a global platform is finding out that people from afar can relate, connect, and appreciate your videos.

You’ve been able to discover who is watching your videos and where they’re coming from for awhile now on YouTube, through Insight. Now we want to make it even easier to learn about your audience, so we’ve replaced Insight with YouTube Analytics. Analytics will be released to everyone on a modern browser over the course of the day.

Check out some of the latest features in Analytics:
  • A Quick Overview: A new overview provides all of the information that you care about quickly, while also enabling you to easily access more detailed information.
  • More Detailed Reports: Analytics now includes more detailed statistics so that you can have a more precise understanding of your content and audiences.
  • Audience Builders: Discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions.
  • Audience Retention: See how far viewers are watching through your video in the new audience retention report.
The Creator Playbook has also been updated to show you how to use your new Analytics to build and engage with bigger audiences, earn more money, and make better videos.

In the meantime, visit the Help Center for more information on Analytics.

Ted Hamilton, Product Manager, recently watched, "British Animal Voiceovers."

After a weekend gorging ourselves on music videos -- from DJ Shadow’s awesome collabo with Little Dragon to French gypsy music and Fishbone’s return to recording -- we’re ready to dive into this week’s musical offerings. And, if we do say it ourselves, they’re considerable.

Bon Iver’s video LP
Justin Vernon released what many critics are calling one of the year’s best albums earlier this year. He also called on a squadron of local filmmakers to craft languid, frequently beautiful videos to accompany the deluxe edition of his album. We’ve got the entire suite of these short films today -- with work from directors including Vernon himself, Isaac Gale, Dan Huiting and others. But beware: these are less traditional music videos than swelling, ambient visual explorations of the music -- and they’re awesome. We include a few other examples of music videos from the group of directors at the end of the playlist.

Live on YouTube: November
You can get an exclusive ticket -- and a front row seat -- at any number of intimate music performances, thanks to YouTube. Today we feature on some of the month’s most eye-opening performances from some of the web’s best music channels. Who doesn’t want Jeff Tweedy crooning to you from NPR’s offices? Or maybe you’ve been hearing about Gotye and wondered what the fuss was about. Either way, get turned onto the best and the brightest today.

Viral...In India?
We often traffic in music videos that have gone viral globally -- but it’s not every day that we check out what’s popping in India. This studio recording of a (perhaps intentionally) hilarious song has garnered millions of views in just a few days. We leave it to you to figure out why.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Mona Moua - Ode To Yelawolf.”

Last month we challenged you to come up with an idea for an experiment that an astronaut can carry out in space, for the chance to watch NASA astronauts conduct it aboard the International Space Station live on YouTube next year. We know the many registered teams out there are busy preparing their experiments for YouTube Space Lab, so we’re extending the deadline by a week to December 14, 2011 to help get your entry just right.

Here’s YouTube Space Lab Judge, Professor Stephen Hawking, to inspire you to join if you haven’t registered already:

Be sure to read the How to Enter guide on our YouTube channel to learn what you need to do to submit your entry. You can also read about the amazing prizes for the regional and global winners, ranging from ZERO-G flights to an authentic astronaut training experience in Russia.

And if you just want to watch cool space videos? We're regularly adding playlists on the channel from What is space?, to Early Pioneers, and the US vs USSR. There's more to come so make sure you subscribe to the channel to keep up with the latest.

Be sure to read the updated official rules and blast off to YouTube Space Lab today!

Zahaan Bharmal, YouTube Space Lab lead, recently watched "Mars Science Laboratory Lifts Off for Red Planet."

Congratulations to Ev of evmoneyTV, the channel that received the most votes for the October On The Rise poll, and his channel will be featured on the YouTube homepage today.

Ev discovered YouTube in 2009 and started his channel with the goal of offering financial advice to viewers (hence the channel name). His initial videos didn’t exactly reel in the viewers, so Ev decided to cover the “how-to” of more basic tasks.  He’s stuck with stick figure drawings to illustrate his recommendations, which allows him to address a range of quotidian topics such as how to greet others properly, how to project confidence, and how to be sarcastic.

Here are a few words from November’s On The Rise star himself:

After trying and failing to feature financial advice videos, I decided to tackle life’s simpler problems.  It all started as a video response to jpmetz about people who can’t seem to work a debit card machine.  Armed with a cheap mic and MS Paint, I began to chronicle my encounters with stupidity – thus, my channel was born. I owe my success to Youtubers like jpmetz for my initial exposure, keeporjot for including me in charlieissocoollike’s likerchain, soundlyawake for heavily promoting me, whatthebuck for featuring me onstage for the live Buckfactor at Vidcon, rowlfwannabe for driving the #evsblowinup movement, alexcarpenter and tyleroakley for their last minute support in this competition, everyone who shared and tweeted my videos, and most of all, my viewers, who think drawing and voicing stick figures and putting them on the internet is a completely normal thing to do.

If you’ve enjoyed this monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise channel or look for our playlists on the browse page. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!

Devon Storbeck, YouTube Partner Support, recently watched “Girl vs. Camel (in race!).”

Thanksgiving in the US might be focused on the food, but there are plenty of other ways to help make your holiday feast the best one yet. Did you spend most of your Thanksgiving prep time figuring out how to deep fry a turkey? Were you so focused on making gluten free stuffing that you forgot to get a centerpiece? We wanted to share some videos on YouTube to help you manage the details you may have neglected.

DIY decorations and centerpieces can save you money and a trip to the store. Check out some Thanksgiving day centerpieces and accent ideas:

Does your mother-in-law or crotchety cousin always point out that you have the fork and the spoon in the wrong place? Prove them wrong this year with table setting guides for basic, informal and formal dining, as well as fun napkin folding techniques, and more:

If you love all of the Thanksgiving merriment but dread the hours of clean up, then check out tips on how to load your dishwasher most effectively, scrub burn marks out of your pan, and properly store leftovers:

After all the napkins are washed, the dishes are cleaned, and the leftover turkey is tucked away, hopefully you’ve saved some time to remember what Thanksgiving is all about—singing about what you are thankful for:

Finally, wherever you are in the world, good food is universal. If you just can’t get past obsessing over the perfect turkey meal or winning the family pie tasting contest then check out plenty of delicious recipes from the YouTube Next Chefs.

Jessica Mason, Communications Associate, recently watched “Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Turkey.”

Today, the first of hundreds of The Walt Disney Studios movies from Disney, Disney·Pixar and DreamWorks Studios are coming to YouTube. These titles join thousands of full-length feature films from major Hollywood studios that already are available to rent at

Fans of animated movies? We’ve got the beloved animated classic, Alice in Wonderland and the newly envisioned Winnie the Pooh. Love Disney·Pixar? We have hits like Cars and Cars 2 all in one place. Up for a little bit of adventure? We’ll take you from the darkest depths of the oceans with all four of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, including the most recent blockbuster in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

So gather the family and friends to watch your favorite Disney movies at Check back in because even more of the great Disney classics and new releases will be added in weeks to come, including our YouTube Movie Extras with behind-the-scenes clips, interviews, and more.

Minjae Ormes, Movies & TV Marketing Manager, recently watched John Lasseter Talks About His Hawaiian Shirt Collection.

Did you know there are now 6.6 million people receiving treatment for HIV, compared to just 100,000 in 2002? Still, more than a thousand babies are born every day with HIV and there are 34 million people living with the disease.

This World AIDS Day, you can join the discussion about how to help bring about the beginning of the end of AIDS. We’re partnering with ONE and (RED) to bring you a panel of experts who will talk about the progress we’ve made, where we're falling short, and what it's going to take to end this disease for good. They’ll also answer some questions from the YouTube audience. Starting today, you can submit your questions to the panel, which includes Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton; Bono, co-founder of ONE and (RED); Alicia Keys, co-founder of Keep a Child Alive; and other leaders in the fight against AIDS, including representatives from the Tema Clinic in Ghana, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and the Saddleback Church.

On December 1, World AIDS Day, these leaders will answer some of the top-voted questions live on YouTube at a special event hosted by ONE, (RED) and an impressive list of partners and influencers.

According to ONE, if we recommit to the fight against AIDS, by 2015 we could end mother-to-child transmission of HIV, provide treatment to the 15 million people who need it, and drastically reduce new infections. With the support of donors, African governments, organizations, and the private sector the beginning of the end of HIV/AIDS is within our reach.

Submit your question today and become part of the beginning of the end of AIDS. The deadline to submit is November 28.

Ramya Raghavan, News and Politics Manager, recently watched, “Unhate Campaign”.

It’s a short holiday week in the United States, and as a chunk of the North American continent prepares to gorge themselves this Thursday for Thanksgiving, we threw together what we hope is an inspiring playlist of...well...feast-oriented music videos. In the meantime, we thought it was a good week to celebrate America’s musical history, pre-YouTube.

An American Patchwork
How do you describe Alan Lomax? The man was committed to capturing the music of ordinary people around the world: songs that had passed down through the family, sometimes played on instruments people had made themselves. Much of what we know about early American music comes from his efforts (and those of his folklorist father John Lomax). Between 1978 and 1982, Lomax traveled through the American South with a video camera for the first time, catching on film a breathtaking array of music talent and traditions. The 400+ hours of footage were edited down for a 1991 PBS special called American Patchwork but were never made available to the public. Over the past few years, the Alan Lomax Archive has been painstakingly uploading these videos. Find this cultural treasure trove at

Songs of Occupation
The Occupy movement shows few signs of slowing down -- even as encampments are cleared out in certain cities, other protests and encampments spring up. It’s a many-headed hydra of a movement, and we wondered if any songs have emerged as anthems for the protesters the way they did for Tunisians during the Arab Spring. The short answer is: no. But there are certainly a lot of interesting songs being uploaded -- including one that the Hawaiian artist Makana performed recently for 19 unsuspecting world leaders during the APEC summit.

Michael Kiwanuka: Home Again
Haven’t heard of Michael Kiwanuka? Now’s the time to start listening. This young singer-songwriter has opened for Adele and garnered comparisons to no less than soul great Bill Withers. Yep, he’s got a voice, a viewpoint, and a way with a guitar. 21st-century soul music? Sounds like it to us.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Zaz à Montmartre: Les Passants.”

The American Music Awards are tonight starting at 8:00pm PT on ABC, but you don’t have to wait that long to tune in. Starting at 2pm PT, you can watch, Coca-Cola Red Carpet Live @ the 2011 AMAs, here on YouTube with hosts Lance Bass, Estelle, Sarah Hyland, Mario, Audrina Patridge, Josh Sussman, and YouTube’s own, Michael Buckley.

The online pre-show will feature 3 hours of live red carpet coverage, and give you the chance through YouTube Moderator to ask questions of the musicians and stars on During AMA week and immediately after the show, you can come back to YouTube to watch behind-the-scenes segments, producer blogs and artist interviews.

For the first time in 40 years of AMA history, the show will include a category for “New Media Honorees.” This category recognizes the impact online video has had on the music industry and how fans engage with the artists. There's lots of YouTube love, with the inaugural awards given to DeStorm, Christina Grimmie, and Karmin. Tune in to see them strut the red carpet!

Liuba Petkova, Marketing Programs Manager, recently watched, “Michael Will Be Buckin’ It Up @ The AMAs.”

The battles from the Koprulu Sector between Terrans, the Zerg and the Protoss are coming to the Major League Gaming channel on YouTube. Starting now we’ll be broadcasting live to the world Major League Gaming Pro Circuit video game national championships for Starcraft. Thousands of the world’s best video game players are descending on the Rhode Island Convention Center starting today through November 20 to compete for more than $600,000 in prizes.

Together, the last four events in MLG tour resulted in more than 11.1 million hours of video consumed, with the last event bringing 180,000 concurrent viewers. When it comes to watching live Starcraft action from the MLG we think the YouTube community can beat that; but, as they say, the game is in your hands:

Have fun and keep gaming.

Cliff Samaniego, Strategic Partner Development Manager, recently watched “First in Line for Modern Warfare 3 in NYC.”

In 2011, YouTube World View has traveled the globe, bringing citizen questions to the world’s most influential leaders. Now, World View is headed to a country that has received heavy news coverage this year -- Turkey. Starting today, Turkish President Abdullah Gül will take your questions at and will answer them at the beginning of December.

President Gül wants to hear your questions on topics such as the future of Turkey’s economy, Turkey’s growing role in Middle East, the country’s democratization movement and the recent focus on a new Constitutional draft. Go to to submit your question via video or text, and to vote on the questions you think should be asked.

On December 1, the President will answer a selection of the top-voted questions and his answers will be uploaded to YouTube and broadcast by local media partner, NTV. The deadline to submit is November 28.

Zeynep Inanoğlu, Head of Consumer Marketing, Google Turkey, recently watched, "YouTube Space Lab - What will you do?"

It’s that time of year...when the trees turn, the leaves fall, and stubble grows to full-fledged 'stache. In honor of Movember, an international mustache growing fundraiser, YouTubers worldwide are “mo”-bilizing to fight prostate and other men’s cancers.

Hundreds of Movember videos are being uploaded every day, with over 1500 every week. In case you’re lacking inspiration or you’re starting to question whether fighting prostate cancer is worth the daily stares directed at your Fu Manchu, the YouTube community has your tips, musical tributes, and vlogs.

For what NOT to do with your stache this Movember season:

If you’re unable to grow facial hair, you can raise awareness for prostate cancer by painting your nails with mini handlebar staches:

Looking for ‘mo’ style tips? Check out this musical tribute to history’s best mustaches:

And you can check out vloggers all around the world chronicling their stache growth:

Don’t forget to check out the official Movember YouTube channel or for more information on how you can raise awareness and funds for the fight against men’s cancer.

Jessica Mason, Communications Associate, recently watched, "Mo Sistas Unite."

In recent years, artists like the Flaming Lips and Van Morrison have taken to the stage to perform classic albums in their entirety. It’s an amazing way to re-experience a significant moment in a musician’s career -- and to make old favorites new again. Tomorrow, you’ll get a chance to hear Mary J Blige’s breakthrough 1994 album My Life in its entirety -- performed by the queen of hip-hop soul herself.

Tune in to at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 17 to see the legendary singer perform live as part of Amex’s UNSTAGED concert series, in partnership with YouTube and VEVO. The concert will be directed by Adam Shankman, the noted dancer/choreographer/director who’s also directing Blige in the upcoming film version of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. His credits include the film Hairspray as well as innumerable music videos. (He has also found time to judge on the television show So You Think You Can Dance.)

Many music critics credit Mary J Blige with inventing hip-hop soul, with help from a very young P. Diddy, on her first album What’s The 411? The song “Real Love” became a monster hit.

For My Life, her second album, Diddy (then known as Sean “Puffy” Combs) pulled samples from a who’s-who of soul music: Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Al Green and many more. (Check out our playlist of My Life’s soul music influences.) Those samples pervade the album, and though Blige had the pipes to vie with the old masters, she was unmistakably of the hip-hop generation in attitude and style; this was no clean-cut Whitney Houston. She co-wrote many of the songs on the album, working off material from her own life.

The singer quickly became a pop music phenomenon, but privately she was battling demons. Later albums such as 2001’s No More Drama saw Blige speaking openly about the challenges she’d faced in her personal life and using her music to deliver life-affirming messages to her faithful fanbase.

Blige has been stalwart of the R&B scene for so many years that it’s easy to forget just how influential she’s been. She was the first artist to forge ties between hip-hop and R&B that we now take for granted; before Blige’s Grammy-winning collaboration with Method Man, R&B singer/rapper collaborations were nearly unheard-of. They’re now de rigeur. On the eve of the second installation of My Life, we’re proud to welcome a musical legend to UNSTAGED.

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Mary J Blige - All That I Can Say.”

Update 11/16: Pardon us, we got our musicians mixed up. Please see below for Killa Kela & Eklips performing a Swedish Mafia House cover, not the other way around. 

Last week we featured some buzz videos, celebrated the Puerto Rican hip-hop duo Calle 13’s big wins at the Latin Grammy Awards, and got hip to the latest and coolest by SPIN Magazine’s editors. And, oh yeah, we debuted the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ newest video yesterday. But hold onto your seats: it just gets better for music on YouTube this week.

Got Drizzy?
Drake is something of an enigma -- a pop star who publicly proclaims his support for underground acts, a rapper who will admit to making “sex-driven, chauvinistic” music. (That’s some kind of self-awareness.) He’s also pretty talented. We asked him to curate the YouTube homepage today, and he took to the task with a list of videos that influenced (and in many cases are sampled on) his new album Take Care. The album was delayed by nearly a month so he could clear all the samples, and you’ll see some of them today, including Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” which he turned into an R&B song (!?) with help from The Weeknd. The playlist also features Jon B, who is sampled on “Cameras,” and a very special mash-up cover by YouTube darlings VanJess24.

The Mahogany Sessions
We recently re-discovered the UK channel The Mahogany Sessions, which records intimate a cappella performances in and around London. Yes, rather like an English La Blogotheque -- and they’re similarly devoted to introducing you only to music they absolutely love. They also get some pretty rousing spectacles going: you need to see Killa Kela & Eklips performing a cover of "One" originally by Swedish House Mafia, a cappella while strolling in a London park.

Simian Ghost: Bicycle Theme
Is there room for yet another chillwave act in the world? We sincerely hope so, because Sweden’s Simian Ghost sure make some pretty videos (and songs).

Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “Redoles: ‘El Espejo.’”

Today one of our channel partners, Orabrush, hit a major milestone. After trying unsuccessfully to sell their tongue cleaners going the traditional route, Orabrush let the YouTube community decide what products they want to see on store shelves. Nearly 100 videos later, Orabrush tongue cleaners will now be sold at more than 7,000 CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide.

Jeffrey Harmon, the brains behind their videos, says of their success:

The YouTube community has helped a couple of college kids take an idea, put it in front of people and get an honest response. We didn’t do this on our own - all of our fans on YouTube have helped us turn Orabrush into a well-loved brand.

Hear more about their story on the Official Google Blog.

Lane Shackleton, Product Manager, YouTube recently watched, "Notorious B.I.G. calms down crying baby - original."

Each month, we find four YouTube Partners whose subscriber numbers are growing but don’t yet have 100,000 for our monthly On The Rise program. We invite you to check out their channels and vote for your favorite in the top right corner of this blog. The channel with the most votes at the end of the week will be featured on the YouTube homepage and videos page.

Our nominees this November are a creative bunch whose skills include painting, animation, music and fashion. You may be drawn into their channels for the recommendations they provide or simply for the chance to observe their talents. Take a look at the nominees’ videos below, and vote for your favorite by November 21 at 6pm PT. We’ll announce the partner selected on this blog on November 27.

Val is a painter - and one of the first partners - whose YouTube channel chronicles her artistic process with weekly art videos. Throughout the week, she posts additional reviews and reflections, and even gives away original paintings to her viewers.

Need guidance on how to watch a movie, cross the street, or be sarcastic? Ev’s channel tackles some of life’s more complicated tasks, illustrating his recommendations with stick figure animations.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Matt Hutchison (also known by his musical alias, ortoPilot) has made a career out of singing, songwriting, and video production. He’s spent the last five years posting original songs as well as acoustic adaptations to his YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for advice about fashion or hair and beauty products, you might want to check out hairodynamic. Since 2009, style maven Monica has recorded her hauls, reviews, and tutorials for her loyal audience.

In past months, winners like theneedledrop and AlexanderCarpenter have seen growth in their audience and video engagement thanks to your support. If you’re interested in checking out more rising YouTube Partners, visit our On The Rise channel, which features nominees, trending partners and monthly blog winners. Look for more featured partners on the YouTube Browse page.

Devon Storbeck, YouTube Partner Support, recently watched “Surfer rides 90 foot wave (World Record).”

Attention shred heads. Coming at you live from LA LIVE, on Monday, November 14, ESPN X Games will be announcing their first wave of invited athletes for Winter X Games Aspen ’12 and hosting a live Google+ Hangout after party.

Tune in on YouTube and then hang out with some of the world’s best winter action sports athletes. Starting at Noon PT, ESPN’s Brandon Graham will be co-hosting the Winter X Games Selection show with Dancing with the Stars contestant, US Olympian and Winter X Games medalist, Louie Vito as they announce the invites.

After, check out the X Games Google+ page to watch some of the best in action sports get together in their first ever Google+ Hangout. Fans will get the chance to hang out with the likes of Louie Vito, Mat Hoffman, Ryan Nyquist, Brian Deegan and Sarah Burke. So bring those burning questions and get your winter fix.

Check out the X Games Google+ page and for details about the games taking place on January 26-29, 2012, from Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, CO. Catch you on the mountain for some turns soon!

Matt Villacarte, Strategic Partner Development Manager, recently watched “X Games 17: Skateboard Vert Battle for Gold.”

Cross posted from the Official Google Blog.

We believe that technology can be a force for good; one that builds and binds community. As a Googler, my proudest moments are when we take that technology and put it in the hands of people who can use it to communicate, collaborate, build and explore.

Today, on Veterans Day, I am proud to share a few Google tools and platforms for the military veteran community. They can be accessed on our website, Google for Veterans and Families, which was created by veterans and their family and friends, who work at Google. This single interface brings together Google products and platforms for servicemembers and their families. We believe it will be useful to all veterans, whether still in the service, transitioning out, or on a new path in their civilian lives. Here are some examples of what you’ll find on the site:
  • VetConnect - This tool helps servicemembers connect, communicate and share their experiences with others who have served using the Google+ platform.
  • Google Veterans Channel - A YouTube channel for discussion about military service for veterans, their families and the public. Veterans can share their experiences with each other as well as with civilians to help shed light on the importance and complexity of service. If you have not served, this is a great place to offer your thanks by uploading a tribute video.
  • Resume Builder powered by Google Docs - We found that Docs can be a particularly helpful tool to transitioning service members seeking employment. Resume Builder generates an auto-formatted resume that can be easily edited, saved and downloaded to share with potential employers.
  • Tour Builder powered by Google Earth (coming soon). A new way to tell your military story. Today, you can view some sample “tours”— 3D maps of veterans’ service histories, complete with photos and videos. Stay tuned for more details and updates on the Google Lat Long Blog.
It’s been a proud month for those of us here at Google who are veterans or family of veterans.

In October, 100 Googlers visited the Soldier and Family Assistance Center at West Point to conduct resume writing workshops for members of the Warrior Transition Unit. And, just two weeks ago, we traveled to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to teach wounded, ill and injured servicemembers how to use Google tools to stay in touch with their loved ones while in recovery.

Finally, this week, we introduced the Veterans Job Bank in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Job Bank is a customized job search engine in the National Resource Directory (NRD), which is powered by Google Custom Search technology and crawls the web for JobPosting markup from to identify veteran-committed job openings.

Even playing a small part to serve those who have served has been an honor.

Carrie Laureno, Audience Evangelist and Founder, Google Veterans Network, recently watched "A message from the First Lady."

Today we welcome guest blogger Jeff Gordon, a four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion with 85 victories to his name and even more accolades across the sport of racing. Today Jeff is focusing his energy toward a different goal: ending hunger among older Americans.

Too many Americans are living on a dangerous edge—not always knowing where their next meal is coming from. Of the 51 million Americans who face the threat of hunger, nearly nine million are over the age of 50. I don’t think anyone should have to make the devastating choice between food and other basic needs.

So I’ve teamed up with AARP and AARP Foundation and YouTube in Drive to End Hunger to raise awareness and support for older Americans struggling with hunger, To educate you about this serious issue, Drive to End Hunger and I have posted videos you can see on our AARP YouTube channel. We’re using the channel as a place where you can connect with other members and supporters, make a playlist of other YouTube videos that talk about this issue and see how we’re engaging fans at-track and in their communities.

So far we’ve gotten great feedback and participation in the campaign and to videos like Check Out Line, which helped us donate more than 3.7 million meals to local hunger relief organizations. By working together, we can solve the problem of senior hunger and improve the lives of the people who took care of us for so many years. Join the conversation at and support Drive to End Hunger today!

Thanks again for your support!

Jeff Gordon, Racecar Driver, recently watched "Drive to End Hunger: Daytona.”

Thinking of searching YouTube for a cooking recipe this holiday season? Want some videos to help you achieve that New Year’s fitness resolution? You’re in good company. Searches on YouTube for cooking recipes spike around the end of every year, and searches for fitness exercises spike just around the start of the new year.

We have partners who are doing amazing things with food and fitness, and to supercharge their careers, we created the YouTube Next Chef and the YouTube Next Trainer programs. We’d like to introduce you to the first class of partners who’ll be attending a 12-week course via Google+ Hangouts and receiving a $15,000 equipment and promotional package, all to help them share their passion for food or fitness on YouTube with you.

YouTube Next Chef
The partners of the YouTube Next Chef class include self-taught chefs, cookbook authors, former restaurant owners and more. Their culinary styles range from making a full meal with just one pot to vegan desserts to gourmet on a budget, and represent five countries around the world. These partners will be taught by the finest folks in culinary arts, including editors from, YouTube Partners like Rob Nixon, and industry experts like Lee Allison.

YouTube Next Trainer
If fitness is your goal, our YouTube Next Trainers are here to help. This international group can teach you exercises using city landscapes, fitness routines made for athletes, safe parkour training exercises, pilates made simple and more. Expect to see these partners get top tier training from our featured mentors Billy Blanks, YouTube Partners like DeStorm, and industry experts like Julie DelaBarre.

Stay tuned for weekly videos starting Nov 15 for YouTube Next Chef and Nov 23 for YouTube Next Trainer.

Austin Lau, YouTube Creator Programs, recently watched “The Coolest Extreme Skiing Dudes.”

It’s been a busy week on, with video premieres from Kings of Convenience and Kina Grannis, a Q&A with Florence (+ The Machine) Welch, and a look at the strangely growing world of singing athletes. We also celebrated what happens when dance troupes team up with musicians. This week we turn to a new album by an alternative rapper, a suite of videos directed by musicians, and another video premiere.

Lateef the Truthspeaker
The Oakland, California-based rapper released a mixtape earlier this month, and he now returns with a new album, FireWire, that stretches the boundaries of rap so far they may actually snap. As one-half of the influential duo Latryx, Lateef has been an integral part of the region’s hip-hop scene for years, co-founding the underground hip-hop label SoleSides, which launched the likes of DJ Shadow and Blackalicious, and which would later become the equally prestigious Quannum. As Oakland garners national press for its contentious Occupy protests, this son of two Black Panthers shares a musical guide to the sounds of his native city.

Self-Directed Videos
Creativity knows no boundaries -- if you’re somebody who needs to create, you’ll find a way, never mind the medium. Today we take a look at what happens when musicians get on the other side of the cameras and start directing their own videos. Froth-pop star Enrique Iglesias delivers a surprisingly funny, off-the-cuff video for “I Like How It Feels” which features a lot of celebrity cameos (because who else does Enrique hang out with, right?), while more under-the-radar artists like Oakland rapper Casual, indie’s darling tUnE-yArDs and beatmaker Raleigh Moncrief deliver videos that are by turns jumpy, dreamy, and charming -- and always original.

Jonathan Coulton: Nemeses
If you don’t know Jonathan Coulton, think tech. The guy was a computer programmer before he became a musician, and his jokey songs have explored the pain of being a “code monkey” and other sci-fi/geek concerns. But after an extended hiatus from music, he was coaxed back in by John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, who convinced him to up the musicality quotient and try new things -- like duets and recording with a full band. (Flansburgh also produced the new album, Artificial Heart.) Check out the debut single, which hides a snarky heart inside its congenial pop-rock clothes.

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Martha Stewart is a phenomenon. Each month, more than 37 million readers, users, viewers and listeners tune in to Martha in order to learn how to cook, entertain, garden, decorate, craft and organize to celebrate everything from holidays, to weddings, to everyday living. Martha hosted me most graciously in her studio last December, so my team and I were delighted to welcome Martha to Google last Friday as part of our Authors@Google series.

Martha may be our most prolific Author@Google visitor yet. On November 1, Martha's Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations was published as her 75th(!) book. During her visit, Martha and I sat down to talk about her new book as well as how technology has affected her brand and business (she was an early adopter of Google+), the early days of her media empire, her advice for entrepreneurs and her most memorable Thanksgivings. We also chatted a bit about the upcoming holidays. Insightful, refreshing, candid and charming, it was a delight to speak with Martha and hear her story.

The full interview is below—complete with tips on how to fold fitted sheets!—and can also be found on our YouTube page.

On November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson told the world he’d been diagnosed with HIV and promised that “I plan on … living for a long time.” 20 years later, Magic proves that you can be an entrepreneur, talk show host, successful businessman, educator and more, living with HIV.

To show our support for all the work Magic and the Magic Johnson Foundation have done, we teamed up with Warner Bros. to donate a portion of the proceeds anytime you rent a movie on YouTube from the Magic Johnson Collection presented by WB. During the month of November 2011, proceeds from your rental will be donated to the Magic Johnson Foundation, and the collection includes Sandra Bullock’s Blind Side, classic inspirational movie Chariots of Fire, family movies like Lean on Me, and more coming in daily.

For more information on the Magic Johnson Foundation, its programs on college access, digital literacy, and its local centers in the US, please visit here. We’d also like to recognize YouTubers giving inspiration to the HIV community like Christopher, Rebekkah, Andre, Ben and others. To find out how you can learn more or get tested for HIV/AIDS please visit

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This morning the Google+ team launched Google+ Pages, making it easier for you to connect with things you care about like businesses, brands and products. To help you find more of what you’re into at YouTube, we’re kicking off +YouTube to share news and start conversations from all areas of YouTube. We’re bringing you the latest from news to music and live streamed events, as well as partners and everyday people doing amazing things with video.

Expect to discuss and experience the many ways you’re changing the world through video, and we hope you’ll join us by adding us to your circles. Tell us what you think is awesome, what you want featured and, like YouTube, you can help make this page your own.

You can read more about Google+ Pages and see other brands involved at the Official Google Blog here, and if you don’t have a Google+ account yet you can sign up here.

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Over the past month people around the world watched members of Congress answer YouTube Town Hall questions about trade with China, the path to a balanced budget, and U.S. manufacturing. October’s five highest voted videos include a diverse array of answers from Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle:

With campaign season heating up, political energy is in the air and this month proved to be amongst the busiest yet on the YouTube Town Hall - you all asked Conress over 1,000 questions in October, twice as many as in any other month. Today we’re launching a new round of Congressional videos answering two of this month’s top-voted questions:

  1. GOVERNANCE: Why has partisan bickering taken hold in Congress? Compromise is necessary for the benefit of the American people. Do you have to always vote along party lines? Can we learn to compromise again?
  2. ECONOMY: What do you think about the Wall Street protests?
Visit the YouTube Town Hall now to watch members of Congress answer these questions and then vote on the answers you most agree with!

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Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

Check back every day for the latest about what's trending on YouTube at:

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Nearly 2.5 million Muslims will officially begin the annual Islamic ritual of the Hajj on November 5, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Hajj represents one of the five pillars of Islam; it requires all Muslims around the world who are able-bodied and can afford it to perform the pilgrimage once in their lifetime.

The Hajj is an ancient ritual, but now, through the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information's YouTube channel, millions of people from around the world will be able to experience and comment on the event by tuning in via video.

Earlier this year, we worked with the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information to broadcast Islamic prayers live during Ramadan from the Holy Mosque in Mecca for the first time. In continued cooperation with the Ministry, we’re now able to live stream the Hajj on YouTube for the first time.

The stream will be live on Saturday, November 5 at

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For many Africans online, the Internet is something created by other people which we simply consume. We see this with many African languages that have a dominant presence offline (on radio, TV, newspapers), yet are underrepresented on the web today. Seeing your language appear on global services like Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail can help change that. Suddenly, you become part of the conversation.

Last November we launched YouTube in Kiswahili and Amharic with precisely this in mind. We soon began to see many people enjoying the new versions, and also saw an increase in searches, video uploads and comments in both languages.

Today, we are excited to release 2 more African language versions of YouTube - in Afrikaans and isiZulu.

This is important for several reasons. First, the new language versions create awareness among new users who are not fluent in English and have not been able to fully enjoy or understand YouTube. Second, it’s a reminder of the great local content in both languages that is increasingly finding its way to YouTube in South Africa, a country blessed with creative talent - for a taste, sample and subscribe to MduComics, JusGorilla, Die Heuwels Fantasties, and Jack Parow. There’s a lot more out there. Lastly, YouTube in South Africa is already over a year old, and with YouTube views increasing by 175% in the past year, we were eager to introduce these new features on the local domain.

If you are a native Afrikaans or IsiZulu speaker, we invite you to join this celebration, and here’s how:
  • Visit At the bottom of the page, click on language and select Afrikaans or Zulu.
  • Upload a video!
  • Share it on Google+ or Twitter with #YoutubeIsiZulu or #YoutubeAfrikaans.
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Did you get spooked? We had a grisly assemblage of videos for you over the Halloween weekend, including a murder ballads playlist from eMusic, BlankTV’s Got Horror?! collection, a round-up of vampire-inspired music videos, and other creepy delights. Now that it’s November, we turn our gaze in non-Halloween directions -- starting now!

Rocking With Buraka
Yes, we live in a globalized world. You know it when you hear a band like Buraka Som Sistema, whose roots are so spread out as to make them almost nation-less. They formed in Portugal, a mix of Angolan and Portuguese musicians, and released their major-label debut, Black Diamond, to critical praise (and sweaty dancefloors) back in 2008. Three years after that release dropped, they’re back with Komba, a more polished but still profoundly mongrel album that looks to Brazil and many other countries for inspiration -- and they’ve been releasing characteristically excellent videos to go along with it. Today they take to the YouTube homepage to school us in the ways of dance music, international style.

Remember Tribe?
A Tribe Called Quest remains one of the greatest hip-hop acts of all time. The proof is in the songs -- and in the new documentary about them which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube today. Check out their amazing catalogue in our celebratory playlist, and get the story behind the songs with the Beats, Rhymes and Life documentary.

Sleep Over “Casual Diamond”
Have you heard this Austin trio yet? How they manage to be both insubstantial and scary is beyond us -- but they do it. This casually creepy video echoes the music, which has a kind of narcoleptic grace. You can hardly understand a word from the singer, whose gauzy voice seems to disappear into the ether while hovering noise scrabbles at the edges of the song, threatening to engulf it. And we don’t know what’s going on with the video. Yep, cool stuff.

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